What to do if employer or former boss holds back your paycheck

No pay for employee

TAMPA - Jeff and Jennifer Johnson say the financial stress made them sick. Their account is in overdraft mode and they put their last $29 into their car's gas tank.

Johnson, a security guard was let go in May. He quickly found a new job, but says his former boss owes him for two checks totaling about $1,300.

The Johnson family is not alone.  Staffers at the Tampa office of the Department of Labor says they have heard from 300 others this year who say their employer failed to pay for hours worked.

DOL's Tampa office employs two full-time staffers who handle nothing but wage and hour issues like Jeff Johnson's. Oftentimes, they can solve a case with a call.

I put the Johnsons in touch with the Department of Labor.  Then I emailed Johnson's former boss, the owner of Elite Status Security and Technical Systems.

This week, the company made an $800 deposit into Johnson's bank account.  He says it's a little more than half of what is owed.

The company owner has promised to pay the remainder of what is owed next Friday.  

Meanwhile, if you or someone you know is fighting for money owed from a current or former boss, we can put you in touch with the Department of Labor.  Call the Tampa office at 813-288-1242.

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