The search is on for any unsafe taxis, wreckers or ambulances operating in Hillsborough County

County begins inspections on taxis

County inspectors say that every limo, taxi, ambulance and wrecker in the county must undergo an overall inspection by the end of the year.

PTC interim director Kevin Jackson says that the inspection is strictly pass or fail. "If there is a failure, they will send the car back and get it corrected and the car will have to be returned and re-inspected," Jackson said.

In addition to the inspections of county vehicles, every driver is background checked criminally, and through their driving records.

So far this year, the PTC says that most carriers are cooperating with the program. 

Any car that doesn't pass inspection is pulled from service until it is given the green light once again.  

"We're just making sure that the vehicles that the public pays to get in are safe for them to get into," Jackson said. 

Now if you want to search the list of approved operators or report a concern to the PTC you can contact them via this link.




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