Taking Action for You: Smart phone apps that earn you cash

You're likely familiar with smart phone apps aimed at saving you money, but we're talking about a new generation of apps that actually deposit cash into your bank account or deliver free products to your front door.

Janet Paula rates Adfun as one of her favorite apps.

Paula is a full-time student and mother to four boys.  Her time is at a premium, so she sets the bar high when it comes to the apps she downloads.

She says if you don't earn something fast, that's a deal breaker.

Paula watches Adfun's 30-second videos while she cooks dinner, washes clothes or waits in line. With every view she wins tickets that she uses to bid on an array of items up for auction.

In the two months she's played Adfun, she has won not one, but two Xbox Ones which retail for over $500 each.

Paula says her favorite apps are the ones that earn her cash.  She's picked up $240 playing two apps in particular in the last six months.

The first, Scantopia, involves nothing more than scanning bar codes of the products you buy.

In three weeks, the coupon-using mom says Scantopia deposited just shy of $30 into her PayPal account.

Another favorite is Plink. Paula considers it a fast-earning app.

With Plink, you create a list of stores you shop at from Plink's master list and then scan your receipts every time you shop at one of those retailers. Points turn into cash after you link your debit card to the app.

Another one of her favorites is Jingit. The app pays you to shop in certain stores like Wal-Mart and scan items in the store.  So, you earn money while you shop.

With any technology, you want to pay attention to how much personal information you give out. These apps require your name, email, date of birth and the city you live in.  Plink does ask for your debit card information. That is how they deposit funds.

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