St. Petersburg waterfront home falling apart, neighbors feared their property would also be damaged

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - They claim no one responded to calls for help until our Jackie Callaway got involved.

Loida and Doug Pearson live next door to the damage. For months, they've worried about how it might affect their own property.

The owners abandoned the home next door long before Tropical Storm Debbie destroyed the seawall and pummeled the pool. The property remains bogged down in the foreclosure process and technically the people who left it are still the owners.

The Pearsons say they called the city of St. Pete and Bank of America but no one was willing to help with repairs. Bank of America does not yet officially own the home but after hearing from the Pearsons and seeing the damage I sent pictures and relayed neighbors' concerns to the bank's corporate office.

In an email a spokesperson explained.

"The property mentioned has not completed the foreclosure process...Due to the unusual situation with the sea wall, we are working to get the appropriate permits to have the wall repaired."

Bank of America has already hired contractors to begin work.  As of Thursday, the walls are up and work has begun on the pool.





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