She paid for termite protection for nearly 20 years, but it was termites that destroyed her home

Family says termite company failed their mother

TAMPA - Betty Murphy was in her kitchen last year when her floor literally fell out from under her. "I opened the doors to the pantry and I went straight down to the floor." Murphy said.

Murphy's son in law Terry hired a home inspector to assess the damage.  The report cited evidence of termite damage throughout the foundation.  A separate pest control company found "significant damage from subterranean termites located in the underneath substructure."

Murphy says she paid Terminix for 18 years to protect her home from termites.  She has several years worth of inspections conducted by Terminix showing no signs of termites.  According to the paperwork, technicians found no sign of termites right up until the day Murphy fell through the floor. 

"It was terrible." Murphy said. "I don't want anyone to have to go through that."

A contractor told Murphy that she could demolish and rebuild her house for around $90,000 dollars.  Terminix has offered her $50,000 in damages. 

In a statement, Terminix said that they "continue to investigate the cause and the source of the issue, and are working in good faith to come to a fair solution." 

Terminix also claims Murphy had the type of contract that acknowledged an existing problem and agrees not to hold the company responsible if conditions get worse.

Negotiations are ongoing between Terminix and the family.  Murphy says she only wants what it will cost to replace her house.             

"I trusted them to take care of me." Murphy said.  "It's been a nightmare."

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