Park and ride type company near airport generates customer complaints

Premier Parking leaves unhappy customers

TAMPA - Pinellas resident John Mofadda admits he went with the cheapest airport parking when he flew north for his granddaughter's baptism.

On the return trip Mofadda says he waited curbside for three hours before the Premier Parking van showed up. And then things got worse.

The parking attendants lost his car keys, not just any key but the main key to his car. The estimate to replace it, 368 dollars.

This took place back in April. Mofadda  filled out a customer vehicle damage report and he obtained a hand written letter from the manager on duty offering to replace the key.

Hillsborough County Consumer Protection's Eric Olesen told us they've tried to mediate the case and 10 others involving Premier Parking but says the company does not always respond.

Six months after premier parking lost that key I contacted the manager who said he was unaware of the claim. Nick Letizia explained.  "Premier Parking doesn't only care about booking the reservation. Premier parking cares about the customer's entire experience from the beginning to end."

Days later the company replaced Mofadda's 368 dollar car key.

Parking is not something many travelers put a lot of time and attention into but a quick check of the BBB or Hillsborough County Consumer Protection will give you an indication if others have had trouble.

You can check complaints at the Better Business Bureau at or call Hillsborough County Consumer Protection at 903 3430.




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