No cell signal leads customer to make a call for action

Her home is a dead zone

Every time her cell phone rings, Terry Sapp runs out her back door and circles her yard.  Sapp claims her San Antonio home has proven to be a dead zone and AT&T can't explain why.

But according to AT&T's own website, San Antonio gets moderate coverage.  Which sounds okay, but AT&T defines moderate as "...sufficient signal strength for on street in the open coverage, but may not have it for in vehicle coverage or in building coverage."

After months of dropped calls, this customer claims the carrier told her she would need a $200 microcell to boost her signal, but Terry felt AT&T should foot the bill since she said they told her a new phone would  provide better service.

In an email, a spokesperson responded to our questions about Sapp's coverage. "Thank you for bringing this to our attention ... AT&T is going to provide the customer with a microcell at no cost."

And they did. Sapp says she is satisfied now that she can actually take calls in and around her home. 

Meanwhile, the company says it has done an analysis that confirmed their signal in the San Antonio area is fine.

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