Nine months later, Army agrees injury was while on active duty

Soldier lost pay and medical care

PORT RICHEY, Fla. - When Port Richey's Kenny Howard was called to active duty last year, he immediately reported for deployment training.  It was there he got hurt, and he says the Army cut him loose and let him down.

Active duty orders sent the reservist to pre-mobilization training last June.

The Army documented the injury.

Weeks later, Howard reported to pre-mobilization training at Fort Hood to prepare for deployment to Afghanistan.  The pain in his heel and ankle grew worse..

A doctor's report indicates he needed therapy and possibly surgery. 

Instead of treating the soldier, the Army sent him home under what is known as a 'Refrad' order.  Refrad classifies a soldier as having had a pre-existing injury unrelated to the military.

That order cost Howard medical treatment and his Army pay for the last nine months, leaving his family on the verge of eviction.

Multiple phone calls up his chain of command got Howard nowhere.

In February I relayed his story to the Army's public affairs office.

The Army has now approved a line-of-duty order, which shows Howard was injured while on duty and qualifies him for pay and medical care.

Howard is hopeful for the first time that his pay and health care issues are moving toward a resolution.

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