New anti-smoking campaign aimed at teens from FDA

New ads to air beginning February 11

WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration is launching a new campaign geared towards your children!

Disturbing numbers surfaced from the "Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids," showing nearly 81,000 high school students in the state of Florida admit they have smoked or are current tobacco users currently.  That same campaign says 369,000 kids now under the age of 18 and living in Florida will ultimately die prematurely from smoking. It's statistics like that that have spurred a new campaign from the FDA set to go live Tuesday, February 4.

The FDA says more than 700 kids under the age of 18 become smokers each day!  Many experts who have already seen much of the new "The Real Cost" campaign push are calling it "compelling, provocative and somewhat graphic, but necessary."

One ad to go live on February 11 says, "Cigarette are bullies.  Don't let tobacco control you."  It shows a larger than life depiction of how tobacco use can effect someone, especially a young person.

The ads are apart of a $115 million multimedia education campaign aimed at pre-teens and teens.

Now, in addition to those graphic TV commercials who have seen targeting adults showing the effects of smoking, the FDA is targeting millions of kids ages 12 to 17.  Specifically, those the FDA they think are open to or already experimenting with cigarettes.

The new ads will be more graphic than anything we have ever seen on TV and in print; citing nearly 90-percent of adult smokers start using cigarettes by age 18. 

The agency says they hope the new push will reduce the number of youth cigarette smokers by at least 300,000 within the next three years. 

The FDA will hold a live podcast at 9:00 Tuesday morning where they will give more details regarding the campaign as well as show more of the ads and materials.  You can watch that podcast at the link below:

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