Motorcycle owner ordered new paint for his Harley but the painter didn't get the color right

Harley owner says he did not get what he paid for

PALM HARBOR, Fla. - Don Phillips' relationship with his Harley sounds more like a love story. He's spent more than a year rebuilding the 1981 antique. Phillips says someone stole his old shovel head and when he found her twin, he set out to do a full on restoration job.

Part of the rebuilding process included a new paint job. This bike lover trusted a local artist with the paint work. He ordered it black but it came back deep purple.

Phillips is not really a purple kind of guy and he claims his calls to the painter went unreturned. After hearing his and seeing pictures of his purple bike, I contacted the painter who later offered to redo the job.

Now, Phillips finally has the motorcycle he's been day dreaming of. Had the painter not resolved this, Phillips could have turned to Pinellas County Consumer Protection at 727 464 6200 or the Better Business Bureau at

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