Long time dentist office loses their phone number due to phone carrier

Staff says they found phones silent

LAKELAND - Quality Dental says they went with out service for days then we got involved and now the phones are ringing and two carriers are pointing fingers at each other.

Dr. Andrew McKeveny opened his Lakeland practice 25 years ago. From day one the office has had the same number but that changed one Monday in July.

The office manager soon discovered T Mobile's wholesale provider, GoSmart, ported the number to a cell phone. This is something the staff at Quality Dental struggled to understand as they are a Verizon customer.

The phones were silent for four days while the Dr.'s office made multiple calls to Verizon. Then ABC Action News' Jackie Callaway contacted the phone company and relayed the urgent nature of what they were dealing with.

The phones started ringing again on Monday. Then we asked both phone companies how did this happen? In an email Verizon explained.

"FCC slamming rules say that when a customer changes providers the new provider (in this case t-mobile) needs to obtain either a third party verification or letter of authorization.  As long as the port request has an accurate number and zip code, Verizon is obligated to move forward with porting the number."

T Mobile claims it verified Quality Dental's phone and account number  with Verizon before porting the number but

Dr. McKeveny says he discovered T Mobile had the wrong account number.

Verizon says this type of error is rare, so how do you protect own phone number? Verizon residential and business customers can request a local account freeze to prevent their local service from being taken.










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