How Florida gets missed child support payments

What happens when parents don't pay support?

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - For years, it was just Dawn Knaebel and her son.  But the St. Pete mom describes court-ordered payments as sporadic over the last two years.  Knaebel says she has tried calling the Department of Revenue repeatedly.

Knaelbel claims DOR did suspended the father's license in October.  But less than a month later, the department reinstated it after he made a single payment of $132.

While DOR won't discuss specific cases, the agency says driver's license reinstatement takes place one of three ways. When wage withhold payments begin, if the parent makes a lump sum payment and if a parent becomes disabled or unemployed.

After looking over her paperwork  I contacted DOR and asked that they review the case.

The agency reached out to her in December and Knaebel says they restarted the process of revoking his license.

But then she began receiving her payments on time the last few weeks.

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