HouseFax gives you back ground on a house before put any money down

New website digs up dirt on homes for sale

Realtors can pull reams of data. But you might not find out the bungalow you are about to buy was burglarized, Caught fire or flooded at some point in its past. To fill in the information gap entrepreneur Michael Abdy created the Housefax report. He describes it as a 59 dollar report that could save you thousands before you close on a property.

Subscribers pay 59 dollars to dig up dirt on everything from building permits to sinkhole and fire history before making the biggest purchase of their lives.

Michael Bottey showed us the Housefax report he ordered on a 100 year old home  that's for sale in St. Petersburg.  He found out about a fire and the report listed all major storms and flood events that affected the neighborhood over the last 20 years. Building permits were included as well.

The items listed on a Housefax report are for the most part public record and if you had the time and knew where you too look you could find the information for yourself. While the information is helpful nothing replaces a home inspection.




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