Former Marine says error kept him from the house help he desperately needs

Florida's Hardest Hit Program errs in rejection

Robert Campbelloff proudly served his country in the Marines. Today this disabled veteran continues to give back in the form of community service. But now it's Cambelloff who needs help.

This former Marine is underwater on his home. He applied for Florida's Hardest Hit program which provides financial assistance to owners who qualify.

This homeowner said he met the criteria but then came the rejection letter.

In short, Campbelloff says his bank participates in the program but for some reason the lender was not on the list of participants. Multiple phone calls got him no where. After looking over his documentation I contacted HUD housing officials.

Less than a week later they responded via this email. It states, "They have determined an error was made and the client is now eligible for the hardest hit program."




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