Fit Friday Week 4: Tabata style workout for your abs

20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest

TAMPA - Every Friday in July, we have been Taking Action For Your Health with Fit Fridays!  Giving you quick and easy workouts you can do without a gym membership or any equipment.

For your fourth and final installment of FitFriday, we have enlisted the services of Bay Area trainer Jamil Thompson, owner of Raw Fitness in Tampa, to give us an abdominal workout that's sure to help get that beach stomach!
Jamil says when you want to shred calories and fat, a great way to keep your body guessing is a "Tabata" style workout.  Basically it's 20 seconds of hard work and then 10 seconds of rest with each exercise.
You will complete each exercise eight times, doing to 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, before moving on to the next exercise.  Below you will find the explanation for each movement and attached to this web story is the video demonstrations.


Were in our full plank.  We want to take our right foot and tap out to the right side.  Bring it back in and then tap out with our left foot, then bring it back to the center.  Now we are going to tuck our knees in and then we are going to fully extend ourselves back out.
Exercise number 2.  Were going back into the full plank position and were going to jump our feet out and then back together to work your glutes and then were going to go into an atomic crunch.  To do an atomic crunch, with your hands still on the ground... jump your feet to the right side and then back to the center.  Then do the same move to the left side.

Lay on your back with legs straight and arms behind your head.  Then move legs as if you are pedaling on a bicycle.  Crunch up left arm to right leg, then back down.  Then go back to starting position and crunch up again, this time right arm to left leg.  Then you add the ARMS TO SIDE AND CRUNCH.  Back to starting position and then crunch up wrapping your arms around your legs and tucking your knees in.  Then back to start repeating bicycle sit up through the tabata style workout.

4th and final exercise.  Were going to go with an up up down down push up.  Keeping your hips flat, try not to roll your hips around.  Do a full push up again and then repeat the exercise through the tabata style workout.
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**DISCLAIMER:  Its important to check with your doctor before starting any new physical and/or dietary regiments.

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