Father's ashes went missing for two months after death

Wife waits for funeral home to turn over urn

Willie Hamilton died just five months after he and his wife, Lawanda, vowed "till death do us part."

Lawanda Hamilton trusted Harmon Funeral Home with the final arrangements.

His widow showed me the portion of the life insurance policy she signed over to the funeral home to cover the service, cremation and urn. But then close to two months passed, and Willie Hamilton's family was still waiting on the urn and  ashes.

In my search for an explanation, I started with the marble company in Minnesota. They would not explain the delay, but days later they shipped the urn to Harmon Funeral Home, which turned it over to the family in mid January.

John Harmon, the owner, would not comment for our story. But he told me on the phone he had to wait for payment and that is why the urn was not ordered sooner.

Consumers with similar issues can file a complaint with Florida's Division of Funeral, Cemeteries and Consumer Services.

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