eBay customer gets burned after buying stolen merchanidse

TAMPA - eBay offers a money back guarantee provided customers file a claim in 30 days. But in this case the customer says he was stuck with stolen goods after contacting eBay, Pay Pal and the seller.

The eBay ad accurately listed the phone screen as cracked but stated everything else works perfect. It was not until Steve Powell restored and repaired the iPhone that He discovered the real problem. The owner had reported this phone stolen.

Powell says the message popped up on the screen so  he called eBay but was told he missed the 30 day guarantee time frame. Then he called PayPal but claims he could not get a live person on the phone and the seller he says refused to offer a resolution.

I emailed eBay's corporate offices and reported the details surrounding the stolen iPhone.

In an email a spokesperson explained. "Despite the fact that the window to file a claim has closed, after careful review of this case, we made a decision to reimburse the buyer for the full value of the item."

Powell says he's learned a lesson, to fully vet any purchase before that 30 day eBay guarantee expires.

For their part, eBay says they will investigate the situation and take appropriate action whenever a buyer claims an item was stolen.

Powell meanwhile is returning the phone to its rightful owner in Miami.

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