City workers leave a mess after water pipe break

Waiting for a fix

TAMPA - When a public water pipe broke in front of his home, Henry Dupre counted on the city of Tampa to fix it.  What he did not count on was the damage they left behind.

The city's pipe burst near where Henry Dupre's driveway meets East Paris Avenue. Repair crews fixed the problem, but busted up Dupre's driveway in the process.

That was in April.  Dupre said he waited a month for the repair crews to show up, but they never did.  Then he started calling the city.

The Dupres moved into the East Tampa home as newlyweds some 44 years ago.  In all this time they'd never had to deal with the city over anything like this.

Six weeks into the wait, the resident says one city worker asked him to submit estimates.

That's when the homeowner called ABC Action News.  

We emailed the director of the water department, and Brad Baird responded in an email. "We spoke with Ms. Dupre and apologized for the delay.  Unfortunately we're backed up on restorations because we stopped using our restoration contractor because of performance issues."

Two days later, city workers showed up and laid cement along with new sod to correct the damage that was done.

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