Brain cancer patient can't get treatment with no insurance - see what we do to help

A Pinellas County man was in the fight of his life when he found out he couldn't get any more treatment. Treatment that meant survival. Greg  Baysal was desperate by the time he made a call for action to our Jackie Callaway.
The simplest of tasks put a strain on Greg Baysal who used to easily cover 12-hour shifts as a nurse. The symptoms that forced Baysal to leave his job in 2012 turned out to be brain cancer.
Then this year more bad news the brain tumor came back. Baysal would have to undergo another round of  painful but lifesaving treatments, treatments he discovered that would have to wait.
The brain tumor causes blurred vision and Baysal says he misread his billing statement.  He had no idea he'd missed a payment until the notice arrived in the mail.
This patient says his insurer Ceridian was not willing to reinstate his policy . After hearing his story I reached out to the insurer's corporate office who was not aware of his case. Days later a spokesperson responded. "I just received confirmation this morning that Mr. Baysal's cobra insurance coverage has been reinstated. Thank you again for alerting us to Mr. Baysal's situation."
Greg Baysal says he is beyond thankful that he can continue treatment now that his insurance has been reinstated.
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