Bill collector came after her for $500 she did not owe

Smart phone cancellation went south

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. - Phyllis Tolliver can laugh about it now, now that her home phone no longer rings all day every day.

The calls invaded her home morning noon and night, all from a single collection agency calling about the same over due bill from Sprint, a bill Tolliver insists she did not owe.

Phyllis says she exercised Sprint's risk free cancelation clause within a week due to coverage issues, then a few days later she received a bill for $536 which left her in shock.

This consumer says Sprint admitted to the error but two months later, it was not corrected. Only after we emailed Sprint did a customer service representative contact Tolliver.

They credited her account almost $500 and soon after the bill collector stopped calling.

One thing that is troubling about her story is the number of calls the collector was making to her home. In the eyes of the law, that is considered harassment.

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