A postal customer's fight with the mail carrier leads to a standoff and no mail

Dispute leaves customer with no mail

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - Homeowner Kent Berg showed ABC Action News how he maintains his yard as well as the right of way that borders the gravel road in front of his home.

Which explains why Berg took issue with the postal carrier turning around in the manicured grass in front of his house.  He says he's been asking the carrier for upwards of two years to stop turning around in the grass.

But this postal customer says his repeated requests fell on deaf ears and at one point he claims his postal worker actually yelled obscenities at him.


The dispute came to a head after Berg placed cinder blocks in his yard in order to block the mail carrier from turning around in front of his house.

He says that is when his mail stopped for 26 days. After hearing his story, we contacted the U.S. Postal Service. Less than a week later, the post office sent an apology via a letter that the carrier actually delivered to his mail box. It states, "Postmaster Draga has advised the carrier will utilize, via a three point turn, the cross street approximately 300 to 500 ft. from your box starting today. Please accept our sincere apology...."

These days, the carrier turns around at the next intersection and Kent Berg is happy to have the battle over the mail behind him.

In that letter, the post office also pointed out that  the service he received was not typical of the service they normally provide.


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