$500 phone bill was suppposed to be $100

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The new Samsung Galaxy sports a big screen and updated features, enough to give St. Petersburg's Chris Gougeon a case of phone fever.

T-Mobile offered to finance the $500 phone, and he was comfortable with the payment plan.  Between the monthly plan and the installments on the phone, his monthly bill should have totaled around $94.

However, when he checked his account online, he noticed an amount due of $563.40.

Over the next several weeks, Gougeon estimates he spoke with 15 different customer service representatives, none of whom could help.

As the clock ticked toward the due date, Gougeon worried about his credit and losing his phone, so he made a call for action.  I emailed T-Mobile's corporate office and asked if someone could take a look at the account.

Within days, T-Mobile credited the account by nearly $500.  The company would not elaborate, but confirmed it resolved the issue.

Gougeon did not know he had help available to him.  He could have turned to the Better Business Bureau and Pinellas County Consumer protection for help.   

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