Coffee is a fruit: 5 facts about your cup of joe

Posted at 2:27 AM, Sep 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-29 02:27:22-04

The International Coffee Organization sets a number of dates for countries to celebrate "National Coffee Day." September 29 is the designated date for the U.S., Japan, South Africa and a number of other nations.

We posted a list of businesses offering free coffee on Tuesday

in the Tampa Bay area:

Here are 5 facts about coffee: 

1. The U.S. is not number one when it comes to coffee consumption. "On a per capita coffee consumption basis, the the U.S is medium sized beverage, in a sea of extra large coffee drinking nations," says

2. Coffee is second only to oil as the world's most valuable commodity. (

3. Humans drink a lot of coffee: Annual global consumption is about 12 billion pounds. (

4. While there is an endless variety of coffee-based beverages, there are only two kinds of beans: Arabica and Robusta.

"Seventy percent of coffee beans are Arabica. Although less popular, Robusta is slightly more bitter and has twice as much caffeine." --

5. Coffee is a fruit. Coffee beans are actually the pits of berries that grow on bushes

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