Your money: Nine things that will be more expenise in 2013

Forget about all the fighting in Washington, and how much your taxes will be going up in 2013.

Many other things are going up in price this New Year, no matter what Congress ultimately works out.

Days of Falling Prices Over

Consumers have become accustomed to falling prices in recent years, especially when it comes to flat screen TV's and electronics.

But those days are coming to an end, according to Deal, which says new technology and higher costs are sending many prices up in 2013.

It says look for prices to rise on:

     -New cars, thanks to tougher fuel efficiency rules.

    -Beef, chicken, and dairy products, as a result of last year's drought.

    -Breakfast cereal, again due to the drought.
    -Big screen HDTV's, as more TV's over 40 inches add internet "smart" technology.

     -iPhone accessories, because of Apple's new smaller Lightning connector that other companies are not duplicating by the millions yet.

     -Smartphones, as more carriers reduce subsidies, making fewer phones available for $199.

     -Desktop and laptop computers, as low budget PC's have pretty much been replaced by tablets.  PC's that remain will be more expensive.

     -Anything made with Copper, which continues to soar in price.  That will make plumbing even more expensive.

Doesn't That Stink?

And from the "doesn't that stink" file, fewer daily deals in 2013.

Deal News says so many salons and restaurants have lost money by using daily deals sites, they won't do it again.
If you are used to getting half priced haircuts, manicures, and meals, you may say "doesn't that stink?"

The report says many deal sites are moving toward product deals, such as one day flash sales.  You will still get a good price, but you will have to order an actual product to benefit.

Tuition, Of Course

Finally, Deal News says watch for rising college tuition in the coming year, especially at public colleges and universities, as states cut back their subsidies.

Public universities are expected to raise tuition and fees more than 4%.
So be prepared to pay more in 2013 for a variety of goods, so you don't waste your money.

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