What to buy and not buy in February

February is a month that is short on days. But it's big on savings, according to a new report on what to buy and what not to buy during the month of February.

Few big deals on flowers or jewelry

With Valentine's Day coming up, scoring a deal on flowers or jewelry will take some digging .
The money-saving website DealNews.com says that is no surprise: February brings the highest prices of the year at jewelry stores and florists.

But several other things will get cheaper, according to the report.

What to by in February

Deal News says look for:

        -Electronics will be going on clearance, especially on TV's. Prices on big screen television drop even more after Super Bowl Sunday. Prices on tablets and Blu Ray players that did not sell over the holidays drop even more.

        -Winter clothing and coats are now 60% off, or more, at many stores: Grab it now, before it's all gone. By March, you won't find it on the shelves.

         -Appliances and furniture markdowns hit at mid-month. You'll find some of the best sales of the year on beds, couches, refrigerators, and washers, during Presidents Day weekend.

What to Wait on

But Deal News says wait at least another month to buy a smartphone, because new models are coming soon soon.

Prices will drop on the iPhone 5S later this spring, in anticipation of the iPhone 6, so if you can wait, hold off.

And if your sweetheart doesn't mind waiting a week, you'll find great jewelry deals the week after Valentines Day.

Just don't risk a breakup of your relationship over it: you don't want to come off as a tightwad to a new girlfriend or spouse.

As always, don't waste your money.


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