Meat name changes: Rump roast, pork butt, rump steak, filet mignon & Chateaubriand to get new names

Don't Waste Your Money

Say goodbye to rump roast, a cut of meat many chefs love, but a name that makes children giggle. Meat labeling is about to change to reflect changing times.

The names for different cuts of beef and pork are from an era long ago, when a rump wasn't so funny-sounding.

So the US Department of Agriculture has unveiled new names for some cuts of meat, to make the terms less confusing and less embarrassing to ask for.

Bye, Bye Pork Butt

Among the biggest changes: pork butt will now be called Boston roast.  After all, what 12 year old wants to eat pork butt for dinner? (Even though it's not really the pig's butt).

A rump steak will be leg sirloin. 

Those make sense.

But the favorite steak of millions of Americans, filet mignon, will now be called tenderloin filet, possibly because it sounded too French, according to the Huffington Post.

Also gone, for sounding too French or too old fashioned:  Chateaubriand.

The biggest problem with these changes is that they will immediately make thousands of cookbooks obsolete.

Does Mom still use an old Julia Child cook book from the 1970's? Good luck making that pot roast or pork bake, since the names of the ingredients have now changed.

As always, don't waste your money.


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