Nine things soon to be obsolete

More than half of all American homes still have at least once VCR, even though they never use them anymore.

VCR's were cutting edge technology 20 years ago, that are now no longer made.
But there are many other consumer tech items that could be headed the same way. lists a number of things you no longer need due to changing technologies.
They include:

    -Stand-alone GPS devices: Your phone or car's infotainment system now does the same thing.

    -DVD players: Being killed off by streaming video.

    -Blu Ray Players:  See DVD, above.

    -2 year cell phone contracts: As more and more carriers go contract free.

    -Landline long distance calls: Long distance is essentially free on your cell phone, or through VOIP.  Why pay 20 cents a minute to make a call?

    -Desktop computers, unless your job requires it, such as desktop publishing, stock trading, or graphic design.

    -Clock radios:  Smartphones are replacing these too.

    -Yellow Pages: Google took a big bite out of this business years ago, but sometimes you just miss the big book.

    -Bookstores: Thousands have closed in the past decade, victims of Amazon, Apple, Kindle readers and many other digital sources. However, this is one businesses that even the most tech savvy do not want to see disappear.  When your local one closes, you'll say "doesn't that stink."

Hopefully some will remain well into the future.

Some of these items could still be around in 20 years:  After all, many of us still have home videos on VHS tapes, so we want our old VCR's.

But remember that technology is constantly changing, and sometimes you need to change to adapt to it so you don't waste your money.


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