McDonald's 'Mighty Wings' Taste Test

It's football season! And what better way to enjoy a game than with a plate of Buffalo chicken wings.

But how do the new wings from McDonald's compare? Are they the real thing?

Until now, if someone mentioned McDonald's and barbecue, you probably thought "McRib," the sandwich most people either love or hate.

But just in time for football season, McDonalds is getting serious, with real chicken wings called "Mighty Wings."

We Set Up Taste Test

To find out what football fans think of them, producer Suzanne and I set up a taste test, comparing McDonald's new entry to a couple of traditional favorites.

Adam Dykes said "for McDonald's and a chicken wing, it's pretty tasty!"

Many people we spoke with were surprised that these are not wing-shaped Chicken McNuggets: They are real bone-in wings.

"I think it's pretty good," Kate Berry said. "It's got a spice to it without the sauce, it's got a kick, they're really good."

Ricardo Lee compared the new wings with our plate of traditional Buffalo wings and said "I like the McDonalds better. It's got more flavor, more juice, got more meat on it too."

Some, though, found the crispy Mighty Wings closer to fried chicken than real Buffalo wings.

"It was good, I mean, actually it tastes a little like KFC, that's who I would compare it to," said Vanessa Barnes.

But You Have to Dip Them in Nugget Sauce

Unlike traditional wings, Mighty Wings are not slathered: You have to dip them into little containers of McNugget sauce.

Doug Cottingim, though, doesn't mind that, saying "this way you get as much sauce as you want."

Bottom line: While unscientific, our test was good news for McDonald's newest entry in the food wars.

Mighty WIngs, or "McWings" as some are already calling them. won't be slathered with sauce, the way some aficionados prefer theirs. But they are more convenient and a lot less sticky.

So whatever wings you choose, don't waste your money.


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