Gadget turns your iPhone into a stun gun

Smartphones are expensive, so it makes sense that you protect yours.

But how about a cell phone case that's meant to protect you, with a built in stun gun?

Not a Movie

No this isn't from some Tom Cruise science fiction movie.

It really exists: A cell phone case that doubles as a stun gun to keep you safe.

George Sidler, concerned about his family's safety, recently replaced his and his wife's cell phone cases with "The Yellow Jacket".

It puts a 650-thousand volt stun gun in the palm of their hands, on the tip of their iPhones.

"The case became very attractive because you always have your phone in your hand," Sidler said. "It would stun somebody enough to at least get away and get a head start."

How it Works

You don't have to worry about stunning yourself. Yellow Jacket works when you flip the safety cover off. In 2 seconds, you have a shocking self defense weapon.

The Yellow Jacket cost $140, and legal in most states. It is for sale on Amazon and the company's website.

It only for iPhones now, but the company is working on a version for Android phones.

As always, don't waste your money.


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