Consumer Reports: Best frozen pizza

Americans spent more than $3 billion last year on frozen pizza. That's a lot of dough.

So how tasty are the offerings in your supermarket's freezer?

Our partners at Consumer Reports Magazine just evaluated 16 individual-sized frozen pizzas, both pepperoni and cheese.

There's good news in the 2013 tests, according to Erin Riddell of Consumer Reports. "We left our labs for a little taste test and we are happy to report that you can get takeout taste in your own home," Riddel said.

The Winners Are...

Home Run Inn Classic from Chicago was top-rated frozen pizza, for both cheese and pepperoni.

Consumer Reports tasters felt it was higher quality than delivery from Domino's and Pizza Hut.

It is available in the Cincinnati area at Jungle Jim's and Marsh stores. (Sorry, it's not sold at Kroger or other major supermarkets, however).

But one caution: Home Run Inn is a fat and calorie splurge compared with others in the freezer case.

Consumer Reports other top choices include:

       -Red Baron Singles Deep Dish are Consumer Reports Best Buy and fared a bit better for nutrition. Red Baron's pastry-like crust had noticeably crispy edges, with slightly spicy sauce and stretchy cheese.

       -Amy's, which you will find in the organic section at Kroger.

       -DiGiornio traditional or stuffed crust.

Other Brands

Stouffers, Tony's, Totino's, and Lean Cuisine were lower rated. Freschetta was not included in the ratings.

Consumer Reports says many of the individual pizzas tested are also microwaveable. But testers found that they're better when cooked in the oven, because microwaving can leave them soggy.

As always, don't waste your money.


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