Baseball teams switch to dynamic pricing

Prices for some baseball games will be higher

You can't blame some baseball fans for being a little stressed over the big change this year when it comes to ticket prices.

If you are planning to purchase some Major League Baseball tickets this year, be prepared for variable prices, day to day, game to game.  

Fan Dave Schaffer said "I understand the principal behind it.  I think they are looking for a premium price on the teams competing for the championships."

Latest Trend in Baseball

20 Major League teams have made the switch.

Dynamic ticket pricing means the price you pay for this seat will vary all season, based on:  

    --The opponent that day.
    --The day of the week, whether its a weekend or weekday.
    --And the weather: Sunny days may cost more than days where rain is predicted.

A sophisticated computer program lets the teams adjust prices until 24 hours before game time.

What this means is you will probably pay a real premium to see a game against the World Series champion San Francisco Giants.

You'll pay a bit more to see the New York Yankees, or Atlanta Braves as well.  But you may get a real bargain on tickets to see the Milwaukee Brewers.

So watching a hot team will cost you about $6 more per seat.  And that price could rise a few dollars more, up until 24 hours before game time.

But this is the ticket buying experience of the future. Don't be surprised to see the same moving prices with concert tickets a few years down the road.

Until then, don't waste your money.

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