6 things to never put in the dishwasher

Don't Waste Your Money

We love our dishwashers. 

Toss all your dirty plates and glasses in it, add detergent, and press the button. Nothing simpler.
But it turns out many of us are putting things in that dishwasher we shouldn't be washing there.

Consumer Reports magazine says the dishwasher is not a place for Granny's glassware, or anything else easily broken or damaged.

So with the help of Consumer Reports and dishwasher manufacturers, we have a list of items you should wash only by hand:

--Fine crystal: Easily damaged.

--Dishes with gold trim: The gold can flake off.

--Soft plastic: It can melt.

--Teflon pans: They can lose their non-stick surface.

--Wooden spoons or cutting boards: The wood will dry out and crack.

--Cast iron pans: They will lose their oily surface.

Consumer reports says if theres any question about a plastic cup or plate, place it on the top rack, away from the heat.

Better yet, turn off the drying feature for that load.

Bottom line:  If you're not sure if its dishwasher safe, don't wash it there. And if you worry about melting, be sure to set it for air dry only.
That way you save those plates and you don't waste your money.

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