Dirty Dining: Mexican restaurant shut down for almost 2 days after roaches roam the cooks line

CLEARWATER, Fla. - The sign outside the restaurant reads 'Eat, Drink and Be Happy' but it hasn't all been happy times at Poblano's Mexican Grill and Bar on McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater.

The restaurant had to close its doors for almost two days recently because of a roach infestation.

According to the inspection reports, on Jan. 15 inspectors saw a dozen and a half live roaches crawling on the cooks line, walls and drawers in the kitchen, which led them to shut the place down. The state reopened the restaurant Jan. 17, 45 hours later.

So ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan went to the restaurant to find out if they've cleaned up the problem.

Juan Yannuzzi, the owner and manager, told Ryan he did not want to talk on camera but explained that his pest control company came over immediately and fixed the issue.

Still, that wasn't the only issue written up during inspections last year.

The state demanded Poblano's Restaurant throw out 70 pounds of food after inspectors documented 25 pounds of ground beef, 40 pounds of refried beans, and five pounds of cooked chicken and peppers at temperatures that could make customers sick.

Sour cream, raw beef, raw chicken, cheese and tomatoes were also documented at improper temperatures.

In March 2013, inspectors found food being cross contaminated with raw chicken stored over cooked vegetables, other items not marked with a date so employees could serve old product to customers, and the hand sink not accessible for employees to wash their hands.

Yannuzzi assured Ryan everything that needed to be addressed has been but did not want to show us the kitchen.

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