Dirty Dining: Inspectors found roaches under buffet at Golden Corral during last two visits

Mike Amaroso chows down at the Golden Corral on South Broad Street in Brooksville a couple times a week.

"The food is so good. In fact, it's too good! We eat too much," Mike explained. Mike couldn't believe what inspectors found crawling near the buffet.

"Did you know that they had a problem with roaches?" asked ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan.

"No I didn't," Mike responded.

On May 1, 2013 inspectors saw several live and dead roaches on glue boards throughout the restaurant, including under the dessert case on the buffet. They also found more roaches on the buffet under the grill and near the kitchen sink in the dish room.

And it wasn't the first time this Golden Corral had issues with insects.

According to an inspection on March 26, 2013 inspectors documented numerous live and dead roaches on glue boards under the buffet, steam tables, near the grill and throughout the kitchen.

So are the insects gone? Ryan went inside the restaurant to find out.

"Hi are you the manager on duty?" asked Ryan, after walking into the Brooksville eatery.

"Yes I am", answered General Manager Keith Miller. He also mentioned he'd worked there for three years.

"I wanted to talk to you about your latest inspection reports from the state. You have had some issues with roaches?" Ryan asked.

"No comment. Everything goes through our corporate headquarters," Miller explained. And he added that he could not discuss much about the current kitchen conditions.

But inspectors had a lot to say in their reports.

Over the last year from July 2012 to July 2013, they found food at dangerous temperatures with poultry, raw hamburger, and pepperoni not hot enough or cold enough, according to the FDA Food Code.

They issued a stop sale on ten dented cans of pineapple and they discovered the dish machine not sanitizing properly during two different visits.

"I imagine you're aware of what the state has been finding?" Ryan asked.

"You have to go through our corporate headquarters," Miller reiterated.

Since Mike is a regular and loyal customer, these reports won't change his eating habits.

"I think it's as clean as any good restaurant around here," Mike said.

"And you'll be back?" Ryan asked.

"Oh yeah!" Mike said with enthusiasm.

Golden Corral Statement:
"Following the May inspections, we engaged a new pest control company and introduced new procedures that, we believe, have resolved the issue. Cleanliness and food safety are a top priority in our restaurants, and we work diligently to promptly resolve any issues that may arise."

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