Comparing popular makeup brands

PHOENIX - Makeup is a daily part of life for many of us.

But does paying more mean you're going to look your best?
We tested some makeup must-haves: foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara from some of the most popular brands, MAC, Elf, Chanel and Maybelline.
We included volunteers with several different complexion types.
I'm your Smart Shopper, but I'm definitely not the expert when it comes to makeup.
So we brought in Rolf and Nicole from Rolf's Salon in Scottsdale to help you take action to save money.
First on our list is mascara.
Right away the ladies noticed the difference in the quality. But I noticed the difference in price!
Chanel was our most expensive brand at $30 and it was also the least favorite.
Elf's mascara was 10 times cheaper, $3, and our testers liked it the best!
Next on the list is foundation.
Again, a big difference in price and lots of opinions on quality.
In the end, MAC was the favorite in this category, costing $27.
The two cheaper brands, Elf ($6) and Maybelline ($7.99), tied for second.
But again, the most expensive, Chanel ($55), will not make you the envy of the party.
All of our testers say that price is a big part of what makeup they will buy. 
Well in that case at $3 Elf seems like a great choice for blush.
But once the girls tried it on, it just didn't do the job. Elf got last place in this category.
I guess there's a time when spending more gives you the best look because Chanel was the favorite in this category, but you'll pay 14 times more for it, $43.
MAC was a close second and you'll spend just $21, half of the cost of Chanel.
We can't forget lipstick.
Again, Chanel is pretty pricey, but apparently it's worth the cash because it was the top choice.
At half the cost, MAC came in second.
And Elf is just $3! That's an awesome price for lipstick! It's good on your wallet, but apparently not on your lips. Each of our testers said Elf was their last choice in this category.
Nicole says it's good to experiment with a lot of different lines to find out what's really going to make you glow.
Spending more doesn't mean you're going to look younger or better.
Elf was the cheapest brand we tested, and it was the favorite in some categories, but disliked in others.
So spending any amount on makeup that doesn't work is still a waste of cash.
You can find a spreadsheet with results of our test in every category, including specific comments from our testers to help you take action on deciding which brand is worth considering.  Download the spreadsheet at  
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