Tampa Bay Business Journal: May 10, 2013

TAMPA - In this week's Tampa Bay Business Journal segment, editor Alexis Muellner discusses why area CEOs are earning more money, what being acquired could mean for Aerosonic, and the new non-profit looking to spotlight companies that do good.

Compensation is up for chief executive officers of Tampa Bay area companies. Last year the 23 highest-paid CEOs earned 7.5% more than they did in 2011.

Fifteen CEOs received pay increase, while eight saw their compensation decline. For those earning more, much of the increase came not from salary but from stock and option awards because their company performed well.

If the overall economy continues to see improvement, expect CEOs pays to keep increasing.

Cleveland's TransDigm Group is considering acquiring Aerosonic.

In 2008 Aerosonic struggled after a fire destroyed one of its Hercules Avenue buildings. The company nearly went bankrupt.

TransDigm's deal to buy the now much-improved Aerosonic is valued at $39 milion.

A new non-profit is looking to put the spotlight on Bay Area companies that do good. Conscious Capitalism Florida formed just three months ago.

Coard member George Zweirko says the organization's mission is to "encourage the private sector to make conscientious decisions to solve problems outside of the purpose and capability of government and non-profits."

Conscious Capitalism Florida president Vinny Tafuro says, "We're raising awareness that big business can be just as good as small business if done well."

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