Tampa Bay Business Journal: January 17, 2014

TAMPA - In this week's Tampa Bay Business Journal segment, editor Alexis Muellner discusses why the Port of Tampa is changing its marketing logo, the current state of the workforce across Tampa Bay, and the changes coming to concessions at Tampa International Airport.

Tampa Port Authority President and CEO Paul Anderson is expected to unveil a new marketing logo for Florida's largest seaport on January 22. The branding effort comes as port officials attempt to market it more aggressively to a global marketplace.

"There is a new look and feel and brand. It's very exciting stuff, and there are a few surprises," says said Karl Strauch, vice president of brand development and strategic alliances for the Port of Tampa.

One change that could be coming is a new name. Anderson previously noted all the area's professional sports teams use the "Tampa Bay" term, as does the Tampa Bay Partnership, an economic development group.

"It's a really strong message to send to the world," said Anderson in May 2013.

Alexis recently moderated two panel discusses that relate the state of the workforce in Tampa Bay.

He discovered there is a lot of work to do to educate the local business community on the workforce development resources available from area schools and universities.

The key to making grow the local economy lies in developing the abilities of high school and college students through internships and apprenticeships. Companies can then get excellent, loyal employees who are devoted to making both their business and region succeed.

Changes are coming to Tampa International Airport. Officials at TIA are targeting women-owned and minority owned businesses to set up shop in the terminal.

"We really want to hear some creative ideas," said TIA Communications Manager Emily Nipps.

TIA will take over recruiting and signing stores and retailers from HMS Host next year. The hope is to create a more diverse concession and shopping environment that can increase the amount of money spent by travelers at the airport.

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