Florida's ad campaign to drum up business uses a man's tie, leaving some women shaking their heads

Women in business not fans of necktie in logo

TAMPA - Governor Rick Scott and the CEO of Enterprise Florida are delighted with the new slogan, "Florida -- The perfect climate for business."

But some, like Jessica Rivella of Working Women of Tampa Bay, are not amused by the bright orange neck tie representing the 'i' in Florida.

"The necktie, to me, symbolizes a suit, which is something normally a businessman would wear, not a businesswoman.  It seems very 1980s to me," said Rivelli.

Outdated?  Perhaps.  But it's the implication that business in Florida is a man's world that has riled up mostly women on Facebook and Twitter.  It's been called tone deaf, clueless and sexist.
At an Entrepreneurship Conference at the University of Tampa on Friday, very few future business leaders, women or men were sporting neckwear. And very few aspire to.

"I'm going to be working in accounting, which is a lot of  times business casual, so we're not wearing the tie" said U.T. graduate Adam Sparks.

The director of the program at U.T., Dr. Rebecca White thinks the stodgy corporate image conjured by the tie might have appealed to young Alex Keaton, but misses the mark with her budding moguls.

"Part of my goal is how do we keep them here and I don't see much in that logo that's going to excite the young entrepreneurial minds I'm working with" said Dr. White.  

Contacted late Friday, a spokesman for Enterprise Florida said the logo was shown to a group of women business executives, most of whom thought it was fine.  They're sticking with it.

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