Crystal Clear Kayaking: Your next Florida adventure

APOPKA, Fla. - You can explore Florida in crystal clear kayaks! Get Up And Go Kayaking offers three types of tours throughout Central Florida which make for the perfect day trip from Tampa Bay. 

Paddle through crystal clear water on the Rock Springs Tour in Apopka. This adventure includes a beginner/intermediate paddle upstream with a relaxing drift back to the launch site. There are several deeper areas where participants can take a quick swim if they choose.

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Travel through three of Winter Park’s most beautiful lakes and guide your way through narrow Venetian-style canals lined with some of Florida’s finest flora and fauna. Be ready for a sunset excursion or daytime paddle that will showcase Winter Park’s natural beauty from the water.

Plenty of birds, fish, and other wildlife will no doubt make an appearance, along with the extravagant houses that are nestled among the lakes.

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The bioluminescence tour allows you to see fish underwater by the glow that they give off as they swim. Your paddle will also glow as you maneuver the waterways and the natural flow of water will illuminate these organisms. Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. When the organisms move in the water they create a beautiful glowing effect. 

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However, this isn’t available all year round! Make sure to book in advance as the season generally runs from June-October and is most visible on the darkest nights with a new moon or no moon rise. Tours take place in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge just outside of Titusville, Florida. 

Tours start at $49 plus tax. Click here for information. 


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