Parents: Does JCPenney's 'First Day Look' back-to-school commercial bother you?

Kids have long put pressure on their parents to get them the coolest clothes, shoes, and back-to-school gear. Convincing mom and dad that a certain sweater or pair of jeans will ensure a smooth entry into the school year is almost a right of passage.

Now some parents say JCPenney is making the job of drawing the line at the mall tougher than ever. A back-to-school commercial from the retailer features a group of children, paired with a voice-over from a mom.

She says, "This stuff can make or break your entire year." Cut to a boy abandoned by his friends and classmates in the cafeteria.

Parents are scolding JCPenney on the company's Facebook page.

Mel Lower posted: "Shame on you for the First Day Look ad. Reminds me of why I dont (sic) shop at jcp anymore"

April Kelher asked: "Am I the only one who thought the 'First Day Look' ad was terrible? You're telling kids that the only way they'll be liked is if they wear the right clothes and look a certain way. You're telling them that everyone at school will be judging them based on what they're wearing. In what world is this okay?"

Here's what  a CNN Money article says about the company's response:

"JCPenney said the ad aired on TV earlier this summer, but that it's no longer part of its current TV campaign. A representative said it was already scheduled to stop airing as new ads rolled out.

The company said it was not its intent to 'trivialize or promote bullying.' It responded to a number of Facebook comments with a similar statement. The company said it also supports a number of anti-bullying campaigns.

What do you think? Mobile users can watch the ad here:

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