Four Christmas cookie ideas to get you baking

(CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) - If you have a holiday tradition to bake cookies in your household, you are probably spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Whether you are passing down a cookie recipe from your great-great-grandmother, looking for a new recipe or making your first attempt at Christmas cookie making, these recipes will give you a good start.

• Classic Sugar Cookie – Your Christmas cookie collection wouldn't be complete without the classic sugar cookie. This simple recipe makes a sweet and delicious cookie, but the fun comes in the decorating. If you have kids, this is a great cookie to make with them. The Food Network provides an excellent recipe for sugar cookies, including the royal icing to decorate them with.

• Cardamom Cookie Cones (Krumkaker) – These cookies are a special Norwegian treat that are a must; especially if you are looking for something different to make. The Kansas City Star explains that in Norway, it is a holiday tradition to make seven kinds of cookies, and the Krumkaker is always on the list. It's a thin wafer cookie that is rolled into a cone and then filled with whipped cream and fruit. The full recipe can be viewed here.

• Fudge – Although technically not a "cookie," the holidays could not be enjoyed to their fullest without a plate full of chocolaty fudge. Everyone's aunt, sister, neighbor or cousin has their favorite secret recipe, but you won't go wrong by following the original Fantasy Fudge recipe found on the back of the Kraft Marshmallow Crème jar as listed on the website

• Chocolate Peppermint Cookie – You can't think of winter and Christmas time desserts without thinking of peppermint. Martha Stewart has a recipe for chocolate peppermint cookies that will be sure to refresh anyone who takes a bite.

Christmas cookies are a great gift to give neighbors and friends, or simply to enjoy as a family after spending an afternoon together making holiday memories and carrying on traditions from generation to generation.

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