Parents in Action: Avoiding genetically modified foods

TAMPA - It's not easy for parents to keep meals and snacks healthy all the time. With the busy lives we all lead, convenience foods and drive-thrus have become a way of life. And now there is a new concern, GMOs or genetically modified foods.

It's estimated that more than 70% of processed foods in U.S. supermarkets contain at least one genetically modified ingredient. As genetically modified foods take hold on farmland across the nation and in food supplies around the world, here are some ideas as to how parents can avoid these foods:

Buy Organic or Non-GMO Verified
If you are not buying foods that are Non-GMO Project Verified, most likely GMOs are present in their diet. The most common GMOs appear in cereals, snack bars, snack boxes, cookies and processed lunch meats all contain high risk food ingredients (unless otherwise stated).

Avoiding at-risk Ingredients
If it's not labeled organic or verified non-GMO: Avoid products made with ingredients that contain amino acids, citric acid, high fructose corn syrup or hydrolyzed vegetable protein. For a full list visit

Changing Your Diet
Overhauling your families diet may seems like too much but by taking small steps your family can learn to weed out GMOs and foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Sites like, offer great tools to help you and you family find non-GMO foods. Also, try reaching out to friends on social media for help and tips they might have.

Although GMOs were designed with a good intention they've quickly found their way in foods in our kitchen over the last 10 years. As it's the beginning of the year, take a few moments to dig through your pantry and start the year off GMO-free.

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