The Bachelorette, Des and Chris: Tears, heartbreak, romance and a marriage proposal pack finale

LOS ANGELES - Tears. Some more tears. Lots of sniffling and then a long, "Awww."

That's probably the best way to describe the second half of ABC's The Bachelorette finale.

Last week threw many viewers—loyal and those who just tune in for reality-show finales—for a devastating and emotional loop as Brooks surprisingly broke it off with Des.

The journey continued on as Des took the remaining two contestants, Drew and Chris, out on one final venture in Antigua to see where her true feelings were.

In the very end, with the peaceful and blue Antiguan coastline in the background, it was Chris who got down on one knee and asked Des to be the woman he could grow old with.

"I want to be your first. I want to be your last. Will you marry me?" he said.

"Yes, 1,000 times yes," said an emotional Des through tears.

What a difference a week makes!

The Bachelorette was seen last week slouched at the end of a wooden dock -- in tears. She confessed her love for Brooks and said she "couldn't love them as much" speaking about the remaining two contestants, Chris and Drew.

Jumping forward again to this week's episode, almost immediately you could see that something was off as Drew and Des walked their way down the beach. The talk was short and uncomfortable.

At this point in the game, that's not a good sign.

Des confesses to Drew that the spark just wasn't there anymore. She apologized and Drew accepted it. Yes, it was that boring of an exchange. No fight. "I guess this is goodbye," he said.

"I'm crushed. I'm confused." Drew said in his exit interview. "I didn't see coming out of this without her."

Chris and Des' date was different from the start. They sailed the Antiguan waters on a catamaran, and the chemistry was undeniable.

Des' demeanor was a bit more open, a bit more relaxed and even a bit excited. The strength that these two have is communication. They do it well and honestly. Because of that, the chemistry is easier to see.


Des picked Chris.

But the big question Bachelorette fans everywhere are asking has to be, "Is Chris the rebound."

Seriously. How do you go from absolute heartbreak to falling in love?

During the "After The Final Rose" segment Des contributed the heartbreak to  what allowed her to open her eyes and realize her true feelings for Chris. She said Chris was "always there"

"You never lost sight of what we could be," she said to Chris before he proposed.

Brooks and Drew were both welcomed back to the show. They had the opportunity to explain themselves and to ask Des some questions.

Brooks was clearly nervous sitting next to Des. He reflected on his decision to end the relationship. While he didn't come outright and say that he regretted his decision to leave, he alluded that he wished he would have done things differently.

Drew on the other hand asked if there was anything he could have done differently. He said he was still getting over the heartbreak, but was ultimately happy that she found her match.


The Bachelorette's newest match made their way to the couch in After The Final Rose. Des revealed that she would be moving to Seattle and that they will be moving into a house together. Is a televised wedding in the future? We'll have to wait and see.


The newest Bachelor is ... Juan Pablo Galavis.

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