Online uproar over announcement that Ben Affleck will be the new 'Batman'

Ben Affleck hasn't gotten this much grief since "Gigli."
Minutes after it was announced that Affleck would be the next Batman, the Internet was filled with outrage.
One woman posted "Are you kidding? Ben as Batman will be a bomb. What an insult and joke to the Batman legacy!" Another person suggests that if Affleck can play Batman, why not get Justin Bieber for Robin, Britney Spears for Catwoman and Lindsay Lohan for the Joker?
Many people point out that the first time Affleck played a superhero, he bombed in "Daredevil" and got a Razzie for Worst Actor of the Year.
Petitions with thousands of signatures are urging Warner Brothers to change their mind. But one petition on wishes that Batman fans would just "calm down and have a cup of tea."
Affleck won't be starring in a Batman movie. He'll actually be part of the next "Superman" movie with Henry Cavill.
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