Ban on loud car stereos closer to reality

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - There's a new effort in the state legislature to ban loud car stereos.  A proposed bill would ban car music that can be heard from 25 feet or more.

The bill is supported by groups representing Florida's police chiefs and sheriffs.

The bill was passed by the senate criminal justice committee.  If the bill becomes law a violation would cost $30, but no points would be assessed against a violator's driving record.

The Florida Supreme Court struck down a similar law last year.  In that case justices ruled the law was unconstitutional, because it made exceptions for blasting business or political content.

So the new proposed bill eliminates those exceptions.

Democratic senator Christopher Smith of Fort Lauderdale and democratic senator Audrey Gibson of Jacksonville both voted against the bill.  Gibson even saying she likes her music loud.

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