Enter to win a date with actress Kristen Bell by donating to the "Invisible Children" Charity

Actress Kristen Bell is reaching out to the public to help her raise money for the "Invisible Children" charity. 

The Fourth Estate Leadership Summit at UCLA is holding a human rights conference in August and Bell would like to take a lucky donor and friend to the event. 

A simple donation of $3 will enter you in the drawing to win a date with Bell. The prize covers airfare and hotel costs and includes watching phenomenal bands, award-winning films and a special dinner Saturday night. 

Larger donors will receive awesome giveaways such as a signed  head shot, personalized thank you card, an exclusive T-shirt or even a Thank You Skype video. 

Bell is a well-known actress for her roles in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the TV series Veronica Mars and titular narrator for Gossip Girl. 

She supports the organization, that creates awareness regarding the plight of Northern Ugandans who are caught in the middle of a civil war between the government and Joseph Kony's Lord Resistance. 

Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army have been abducting, killing and displacing civilians in East and Central Africa since 1987. 

The organization and Bell hope to stop Kony and his army so that the people can live in peace one again. 

For more information follow this link:  http://www.prizeo.com/prizes/kristen-bell/a-totally-platonic-date

Source: The List and Prizeo

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