Don't lose focus at work or school anymore with these anti-distraction apps

Advancements in computers, tablets, cell phones and other technology are meant to make our lives easier, but they often just leave us distracted.

Fortunately Conor Knighton from The List has found a few apps that can help you focus on your work and cut down the distractions.

  • Clean Writer Pro: This is a distraction-free app great for writers and creative people that just want a simple word processing with minimal features. The app takes up the entire screen as you write, similar to a computer screen. It allows you to change the screen color and fade out paragraphs.


  • OmmWriter: This program, available to PC, MAC and iPad, plays soothing music while you write to help you concentrate. It allows you to change the pulsating backgrounds and color, text size, font and key stroke sounds. 


  • Freedom: This program cost $10, but it could possibly be the best $10 you spend. If the internet is your main distraction, this PC and MAC accessible program locks you out of the 'net. Once you open the program, you enter a number of minutes and then it suddenly shuts off your internet for that allotted time. This only feature to the program can be life-saving if you are having trouble focusing during work and surfing the 'net excessively. 


  • Rescue Time: An app that tracks the amount of time you spend on the computer. You can sign up for a two week free-trial that allows you to block distracting websites, alerts you when spend too much time on those sites and track the time you spend online, offline and on the phone. The app helps you self-manage your time and spot inefficiencies throughout your day. 


  • Simple Pomodoro Timer: For all those college students cramming for exams and for people who are on deadlines for projects, this app is perfect for you. The app uses a Pomodoro Technique of productivity--- work for 25 minutes with a countdown timer, then take a five minute break. The timer continues the process till it is shut off or your assignment is finished. 


These apps are great for helping with distractions and enhancing your work production. 


Source: The List

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