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Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Free Tarot Readings

Posted at 11:18 AM, May 09, 2022
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Tarot reading dates back to the 15th century when these decorative cards were nothing more than a party trick. As years passed on, people realized the potential hidden within this ornate deck. It led to a revolution in the way practitioners shuffled and interpreted the deck.

Centuries later, the business of online tarot readings has rapidly taken over the mystic market. A new generation has become fascinated with the mystery of shuffled decks, whispered predictions, and the possibility of a magical awakening.

You’re probably wondering how real these sessions are and if virtual interactions live up to the hype. Continue reading this guide to uncover the secrets of digital divination. We give you an insight into the inner workings of cosmic consultancy sites and review the four frontrunners of the mystic market.

Let’s begin!

Whether you’re a beginner or a regular tarot card reading client, venturing into the virtual world can prove challenging. Selecting industry-acclaimed portals can minimize the risk. Look for highly credible sites and have legitimate client testimonials available for reference. These factors prove that these sites offer the best tarot reading online.

Consequently, your due diligence saves you from fake sites and cyber scams. You are also less likely to pay a fortune for 2-minute readings because most top-ranking platforms offer free tarot card readings. These readings last 3-5 minutes. That gives you adequate time to receive a complete prophecy from a trusted clairvoyant.

Top 4 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Services

1. Kasamba - A crowd-favorite spot for love tarot readings

2. Purple Garden - Best tarot reading online for beginners

3. Psychic Source - Best tarot readers for finding clarity & future guidance

4. California Psychics - Highly accurate online tarot readings from verified practitioners

When it comes to online tarot readings, you need to select a service provider that accommodates your unique requirements. Think about the life aspects you wish to discuss with a tarot reader. Will your chosen portal cater to those requests?

If yes, you should sign up for a free tarot reading online to try out those specific services. Move onto paid membership if the platform promises to provide an exceptional tarot card reading online.

We simplify the selection process by highlighting the key attributes of the authentic mystic sites operating these days. Here’s a full review of our top picks:

1. Kasamba - The Top Contender for Love Readings via Tarot Online

Tarot reading dates back to the 15th century when these decorative cards were nothing more than a party trick.

Kasamba has been serving as a mystic cupid for decades. Experienced practitioners foretell the fate of your current partnership or the possibility of an eternal one through divination. You can access the site for astrological readings, zodiac compatibility, and free online love tarot reading.

Tarot cards online are one of the most popular choices on that list.

Here’s how it achieves this feat:

Rewrite Your Love Story with Tarot Cards Online

Love can be fickle, frustrating, and liberating. Kasamba understands the mixed emotions well and welcomes hopeful romantics to try their luck in romance. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship, trying to get out of one, or finding the right person. Love readings on this site will tell you how to proceed to the next phase.

You can receive accurate advice from tarot card readers by formulating questions that place you in the position to make the next move.

For example, ask your advisor:

1. What are the best ways to connect with my significant other?

2. Is there a way to rekindle the romance in my current partnership? What should I do?

3. Why do I attract the wrong partners? What can I change to find the right match?

4. How can I resolve recent differences between me and my significant other?

5. What’s the right time to propose [moving in together/marriage/ having a baby]?

6. How will I know if I have found the right person?

You can have deeper conversations about connecting with your soulmate and practicing self-love yourself. The more confidence you gain and self-worth you build, the closer you will get to a healthy relationship. That’s because love isn’t solely about physical attraction. A significant part of your relationship depends on emotional stability. Self-love promotes feel-good vibes that contribute positively to emotional wellness.

Free Love Tarot Reading Trials and Flexible Pricing Kasamba might be one of the most popular websites in the mystic world, but that doesn’t stop them from lowering their prices. The site charges a reasonable amount of money for psychic services and tarot card readings starting from $1 per minute. Newcomers are treated to a complimentary three-minute trial with an online tarot card reading expert. Once the session ends, you can discontinue the service or request an extended consultation. The limited introductory trial allows you to assess the potential of a specific practitioner and their connection with you. If it works out, you’re looking at a long-term relationship with a knowledgeable advisor.

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Kasamba

1. 20+ years of expertise plus impeccable service standards for love readings and more

2. Self-reflect on love and happiness that emerges from within to create space for personal growth and achievements

3. Download the app to schedule live chats and phone calls with experienced mystic advisors

4. 3 free trial minutes for your free love tarot reading

5. A super secure and risk-free website for experiencing tarot card reading online

6. Address unresolved relationship issues with mystic guides in tow

7. Get 70% off on paid services after completing your first trial tarot cards reading

⇒ Visit Kasamba, Get Free Trial Readings, Discounts, and More.

2. Purple Garden -  The Mystic Circle of Success

Tarot reading dates back to the 15th century when these decorative cards were nothing more than a party trick.

Traditional techniques meet modern sensibilities on this tarot card reading platform. Purple Garden repeatedly shows that it’s as remarkable as older platforms. It also radiates vibrancy and spirit uniquely associated with its divination practices.

The site features a knowledge base center that allows users (like you) and practitioners to interact outside the private chat room.

Here’s why online tarot card reading services are gaining traction amongst the younger generations:

Dedicated and Supportive Tarot Card Reading Online Services 

When it comes to tarot card reading online, you might feel isolated and alone. Swapping stories and deep-diving into divination through virtual space can feel less intimate than face-to-face readings. The Purple Garden resolves this problem by creating a more personable and approachable demeanor.

Once you find a practitioner you relate to, you can book daily online tarot card readings with the same advisor. The website bridges the virtual gap by allowing users to contact consultants whenever they want. The flexible schedule and constant contact make these services more engaging and meaningful.

Moreover, you can broach every subject and theme during your consultations. These include relationship advice, spiritual support, financial forecast, and career-related horoscopes. Registered practitioners adopt a non-judgmental stance during these conversations. Then they use their inherent powers and divination tools to share unbiased advice on what you should do next. This approach makes these readings highly reliable.

On-Demand Cheap Tarot Card Reading

Purple Garden offers these always-on services at competitively priced rates. They have set different tiers to match price points with the skills and experience each expert brings to the consultation. That way, you can choose between relatively new advisors that charge $1 per minute to elite experts that ask for $3-5 per minute.

We strongly advise you to compare each practitioner's pricing and professional profiles before initiating contact. Also, remember, that you will receive a $10 credit for your first reading through this mystic portal. This makes it easier to select a good practitioner and divination service offering for your introductory session.

7 Reasons to Become a Member of the Purple Garden

1. It features a simple design that appeases modem aesthetics and makes website functions more user-friendly

2. User support representatives and a tarot reader that’s cooperative and friendly

3. Interact with other users and mystic advisors through the interactive Knowledge Base section

4. You can seek advice on a diverse range of problems through tarot online

5. Seamless communication and flexible scheduling make it an accessible platform for always-on users

6. Newcomers can redeem a $10 credit after official registration and introductory session

7. You can connect with local and international mystic advisors through this website

⇒ Visit Purple Garden, Get Free Trial Readings, Discounts, and More

3. Psychic Source - The Optimum Choice for Career Forecasts

psychic source.jpg
Tarot reading dates back to the 15th century when these decorative cards were nothing more than a party trick.

Psychic Source made its first appearance in the mystic world decades ago. It’s considered one of the first telephonic platforms for tarot and psychic services. Since then, the site has welcomed many other divination practices, but tarot remains part of its signature services.

Users like Psychic Source for the following reasons:

Career Counseling and Financial Planning via Digital Divination

Whether you are buying a new car, investing in real estate, or planning your retirement, some life-altering decisions require extra intuition. Some insight into what the future might hold for you can help you take that big step with more surety.

That’s where the gurus and mystics from Psychic Source come into the scene. They offer personalized advice and divination-based solutions to fulfill your financial goals. The same amount of care and attention will be provided through career forecasts shared by tarot interpreters.

You can ask them questions like:

1. Which career path will be most fulfilling for me?

2. Are there external forces or internal inhibitions that stop me from reaching my career/financial goals?

3. When is the right time to look for a new job?

4. What steps should I take to reach my financial goals?

5. How can I improve my position within my company?

6. How can I find monetary success?

The answers to these questions will direct you towards opportunities. Listen to them attentively and make the most of this life.

Affordable Tarot Card Reading Online

If you’re looking for inexpensive services, Psychic Source might meet your needs. The site doesn’t let its popularity affect the price plan. Instead, it continues to provide premium-quality divination services at an economical rate.

You also receive an introductory trial free of charge. It lasts around 3 minutes and you’re allowed to choose the advisor yourself. It gives you sufficient time to evaluate the skills, capability, and expertise of the chosen consultant. You can then opt for an extended consultation or end the call. Psychic Source offers these services through live chat, calls, and video calls.

According to price plans, video calls will cost more than text-based readings. These services are reasonably priced and they provide experiences that make the extra cents spent worth your time.

7 Reasons to Use Psychic Source

1. A pioneering platform for tarot card reading and psychic services through phone

2. Receive reassuring advice via online tarot card readings for career forecasts, financial advice, and professional development goals.

3. Live chat services are available for users needing guidance regarding registration, consultation, or technical glitches.

4. Complimentary live demos offered to new users for three-minute-long sessions

5. 75% off for new members after they complete their trial

6. Expert advice and secure online payment channels make it a credible source for divination services

7. Mobile-friendly app available for one the go online tarot card reading

⇒ Visit Psychic Source, Get Free Trial Readings, Discounts, and More

4. California Psychics - Your Source for Spiritual Readings with High Accuracy

Tarot reading dates back to the 15th century when these decorative cards were nothing more than a party trick.

California Psychics offers online tarot card reading services through a website and a mobile app. Users just need to log in and book an appointment with one of the verified tarot card readers to begin a consultation. The ease of use and immersive divination-led experiences make it a popular contender in cosmic circles.

Here’s a closer look at its key features:

No-Nonsense Recruitment System 

When recruiting new tarot card readers, California Psychics has the most comprehensive screening policy. Site administrators claim only to accept 10% of the candidates that applied for membership as practitioners on this network.

Each applicant gets assessed via a live test to ensure they can perform well during online tarot card readings. Aside from this, recruiters go through the feedback these practitioners have received from previous clients during their independent readings. Applicants are also informed about the strict user privacy policies. That ensures client safety and satisfaction remain the number one priority during consultations.

Furthermore, random assessments of registered advisors are conducted randomly to maintain consistent performance. It’s done to back up the claim that this site offers the best readings for spiritual, emotional, and professional goals.

High-Quality Tarot Card Reading Services at Low Prices

California Psychics provides top-notch services within a budget-friendly price range. The starting price is $1 per minute, and it doesn’t go higher than $15 per minute for premium-graded practitioners. Everything from registration to actual consultation occurs straightforwardly and transparently. You can ask for user support anytime and receive advice on choosing a compatible consultant if the built-in matching tool doesn’t deliver satisfactory results.

Aside from that, newcomers can benefit from a free tarot reading online by using the promo code ADD5. Once you add the discount code, you receive five free trial minutes with your chosen consultant. It’s a low-risk way to assess the quality of service and support without paying an extra dollar.

7 Reasons to Trust California Psychics

1. Extensive experience in spiritual readings and online tarot card readings

2. Excellent user support setup for queries and complaints

3. Complimentary tarot card reading for new members through an exclusive promo code (ADD5)

4. Flexible schedule timings and a 24-hour operation to match your availability

5. A transparent approach and honest conduct that adheres to privacy policies

6. An unparalleled screening system to deter fake psychics and hackers

7. Budgeted rates to promote accessibility for users of all kinds

⇒ Visit California Psychics, Get Free Trial Readings, Discounts, and More

Meet 4 Terrific Online Tarot Reading Sites

What makes our chosen sites the most authentic names in tarot online business?

Other advantages of online tarot readings include

1. Secure e-payments for online tarot

Authentic websites collaborate with trustworthy online payment services to safeguard clients’ private data during financial transactions. In this way, you can pay for these virtual sessions without worrying about any negative consequences.

2. Flexible schedules

Most sites offer 24-hour services for tarot cards online. Make the most of this offer by booking an appointment whenever you want.

3. Budget-friendly prices

You won’t have to blow your budget to book regular tarot card reading sessions. Most sites charge $1/min and don’t exceed the price point of more than $15 per minute. That’s relatively reasonable compared to what professional tarot card readers charge for in-person services.

4. Versatile services for tarot cards reading

These sites serve as a one-stop destination for digital divination. Apart from tarot cards reading, you can sign up for numerology readings, past life readings, dream analysis, and other forms of fortune-telling.

Now that we’ve discussed their collective benefits, we shall look into the distinctive perks tarot cards online offer registered users.

Getting Started: Which Spread Should You Try for Your First Tarot Reading?

We recommend using the three-card spread for your introductory reading. There are lots of advantages to this choice. Firstly, it’s time-effective which is crucial for your trial sessions since they come within a limited time period. A three-card spread will be completed quickly and efficiently within a 3-5 minute time frame compared to a ten-card Celestial spread or the five-card love spread.

Secondly, the three cards within this spread represent the past, present, and future. The placement reflects the connection between today, tomorrow, and events that happened in the past. It shows that life is a full circle and your actions/intentions do have consequences. Some of these are more drastic than others.

You can find the link and address unresolved emotions associated with the past through these sessions. You can also cope well with anticipation when you have a tarot to tell you what the next day or moment will bring your way.

People Also Ask: When Should You Get a Tarot Card Reading?

Online tarot readings make divination-based advice highly accessible to the general public. Yet, one should not use it more than necessary. You might experience a redundancy in the answers you receive if you schedule consecutive readings to ask the same questions.

Here’s a quick checklist to determine whether you should book a tarot card reading session:

● Are you on the verge of making a life-altering decision? Then you should take a look at the mystical cards for guidance.

● Do you feel stuck in a dilemma? Have you experienced stress lately? Ask a gifted psychic for advice through tarot card readings.

● Has your romantic, familial, or professional relationship become strained? A tarot reading online can help you resolve conflicts and make amends.

Additionally, you can schedule a session to gain some inspiration when you’re feeling demotivated. These consultations are equally gratifying for people interested in spiritual readings. Always ask a different question to ensure you get enlightened with new discoveries through online tarot card reading instead of becoming frustrated with similar-sounding answers.

Here are some other questions about online tarot card reading:

What Are the Best Questions to Ask During Your Tarot Readings?


A tarot reading online begins with a question. You need to ask one before your mystic advisor starts shuffling the deck. You need to formulate your query wisely, ensuring that it focuses on a specific aspect of your life.

You can focus on romantic relationships, professional life, family conflicts, or spiritual goals. Seek mental clarity or have a peek into the future. Keep in mind that you won’t get far with your interrogation if you ask yes or no questions.

To avoid one-syllable responses, you can replace questions that start with “will” with words like “what, ''when,” and how `` to avoid one-syllable responses. For example, instead of asking, “will I meet my soulmate?” you may ask, “how will I meet my soulmate?”.

The phrase change can lead to more actionable and meaningful advice compared to a monotonous yes or no response. You can then use these online tarot reading predictions to live life fully and freely. Moreover, remember to ask follow-up questions if you find something amiss with the prediction. Asking for clarification minimizes the risk of self-assumptions and doubts that you create when you first listen to the online tarot reading.

In this way, your free tarot reading will result in insightful discoveries.

Is a Tarot Reading Different from Astrological Readings?

Yes, tarot card readings and astrology readings are vastly different. They have presented a distinctive approach to divination when comparing the tools readers use and what they focus on during interpretations. For instance, mystic advisors refer to planetary positions and birth charts for horoscopes and predictions during a specific period. Additionally, these predictions discuss events that might occur and determine whether a certain period will be good for you (financially, health wise, professionally, and romantically).

On the other hand, tarot readings revolve around pictorial depictions of archetypes. A real tarot reader taps into mystical powers drawn from astral planes to interpret the cards you selected during the session. These readings foretell events of the present, future, and the past. They also provide insight into how you or a significant other feels/thinks. These are two aspects of divination-led readings that astrological interpretations can’t delve into by studying planetary systems.

What’s the Difference Between Tarot Cards Reading and Oracle Card Readings?

The primary difference between tarot readings and oracle card interpretations is the size of the deck. Traditional decks for tarot card reading come in a pack of 78 cards further divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

In contrast, oracle card decks don’t come in a specific number. They are a more modern rendition of fortune-telling that makes way for unrestrictive possibilities. There are no rules or structures that you need to follow during oracle card readings. This gives more scope for practicing divination solely through intuition. It’s certainly an interesting take on spiritual readings, and you can opt for such consultation from the same platform as your online tarot reading service.

Hence, it’s up to you to explore new areas of divination by scheduling alternative sessions.

Can Anyone Become a Tarot Reader?

You can become a tarot reader if you’re drawn toward this divination-based practice. These days learning tarot reading can be relatively easy as you have access to thousands of guides, handbooks, and tutorials. Aside from guides, you’ll need a tarot deck for practice.

Interested individuals can go through the relevant material to learn the meaning of each symbol illustrated on your tarot deck. You’re allowed to form your unique impressions of the cards set before you. Independent interpretation enables you to connect with your intuitive side. This can prove helpful because true tarot readings require practitioners to decipher a deeper meaning. You need to find the connection between each card found on a spread and its impact on your life or the life of a recipient who asked the question.

According to a tarot card reading expert doing readings for yourself can sometimes be even more complicated than doing readings for others.” You might find it challenging to remain unbiased when conducting a tarot reading session for yourself. Your subjective thinking and personal interests can come between you and the truthful interpretation of the spread before you.

Therefore, seeking consultants for tarot online can help you look at the same spread or question differently.

What Are Reversed Tarot Readings?

If you pull a card that’s upside down, it’ll be considered a reversal. This type of tarot cards reading has lots of perceptions attached to it. Some practitioners believe that they are ominous since they negate the true meaning of the card. A few mystic advisors refuse to interpret them because of this reason.

However, many readers like the challenge, and they see the reversal as a magical aspect of tarot readings. These practitioners will carefully assess your question and the upside-down card by thinking outside the box. The reversal here can mean resistance to something or an upcoming change. If only one card appears to be reversed, you might want to give it more attention than the other cards.

An experienced interpreter will connect its core meanings to your query. After this, they will share actionable advice related to the cards and your current circumstances.

Should You Keep a Journal to Record Your Online Tarot Readings?

Yes, journaling can help you delve deeper into psychic readings and divination. In this instance, you can merge mindfulness with mysticism by maintaining a tarot card reading log. Use it to record your readings and review them after a week. You can even maintain month-long entries if you schedule online tarot readings frequently. Then you can compare your life to the recorded predictions to see if they came true.

More importantly, you can track the progression of your daily pulls or routine online tarot readings. Use these entries to self-reflect on events that did or did not happen. It’ll also help you figure out whether a mystic advisor suits you.

If things don’t go a certain way, you can ask your service provider to assign another interpreter for the next reading. Some platforms will give you a refund upon request to get your money back. Alternatively, you might get a compensatory free tarot reading with the newly appointed advisor.

Are You Ready for Your Online Tarot Reading?

The benefits of tarot online are underrated. These mystic conversations have the potential to turn your life around. The key to experiencing the best tarot reading online is finding a credible network to contact your mystic advisor. Using a high authority site reduces the risks of an unwanted encounter with fraudsters. You’ll also receive more advantages and possible credit points by registering to an online forum.

Hopefully, our reviews and guidance will help streamline your search for the right practitioner operating in the digital world. Compare price plans and services fairly by keeping your budget in mind. The main focus should be on what you want to learn about yourself or those around you. Learn whether your chosen platform aligns with those goals. That factor will help you finalize your decision.

Now that you know almost everything about tarot cards reading, scroll back up to select a service provider.

Good luck!