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Best Fortune Teller Sites for Online Fortune Telling With Stunning Accuracy

Posted at 10:50 AM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-16 17:11:43-04

What image comes to your mind when you think of a fortune teller? Is it a person with long and flowing robes presiding over a crystal ball and being all mysterious? Hate to break it to you, but they are probably trying to scam you. Authentic fortune telling doesn’t involve so many bells and whistles. Experienced ones are proficient enough in their craft to give readings online.

This is where online fortune telling websites can prove invaluable and we have reviewed the best 4 you can pay to get your fortune told from. These websites have been heavily reviewed by our team, as we want you to make an informed decision before using them.

Find out what the future holds for you by checking out these top-rated fortune telling websites.

Here is a quick look at what each of them is known for:

Top 4 Best Fortune Teller Sites for Online Fortune Telling

1. Kasamba – known for most accurate fortune tellers who use tarot cards
2. Psychic Source – known for its accurate future predictions and trusted psychics
3. California Psychics – known for having the best love and relationship fortune tellers
4. Purple Garden – known for the best career forecast from experienced fortune tellers

All of these aforementioned fortune telling practices can be found on the websites we will discuss. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every psychic you work with will be able give all of those readings. Pick and choose free fortune telling as per your budget and the type of reading you are looking for.

#1. Kasamba - Get Your Fortune Told Via Tarot Cards From The Best Psychics


Since 1999, Kasamba has been providing some of the best online fortune telling services in the industry. Known for the authenticity and accuracy of its psychics, the portal has modernized online fortune telling by making them virtual, which was invaluable during the pandemic when everyone was under strict lockdown.

The reviews on the website have been quite positive throughout the years and are legitimate so you know you get what you see. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection and you can log on to your account and start a free fortune telling.

The site also has several categories and offers a wide range of readings for fortune telling. Some of them include the following:

 Psychic readings

These are general readings and usually start with a question regarding your past, present or future for your life. The online fortune teller or psychic uses the answer to connect to your energy and the energy of the query as well. Some of the psychic readings that Kasamba offers include crystal, rune and aura readings. You can also find a psychic for your pet!

Love readings

Relationships are far from easy. They can take you on a roller coaster ride that can leave you spent at the end if they end badly. If you have just been through a breakup or your married life is on the rocks, you can get a love reading from Kasamba psychics or a fortune teller near me and see where your relationship is headed. The site has more than 200 psychics on call who can tell you what the future has in store for you using a wide range of tools such as tarot cards and runes. It even offers LGBTQIA+ psychics for people who refuse to conform to gender norms.

Career readings

Just because you are in the job you love doesn’t mean it is meant for you. If you think you will be happier in another company or position, a career reading from a Kasamba fortune teller can tell you what you should do. The site has almost 200 career psychics on board who have experience providing readings on a range of professions and career choices. They offer detailed and direct advice that can help you plan a successful career.

Tarot readings

Kasamba has over 150 tarot card readers who can tell you what the future holds for you. His includes cartomancy which makes use of a standard deck of playing cards for a specific reading. The psychics can also give you an angel reading if you want reassurance or guidance from spirit guides via fortune telling cards. Some psychics are also experienced enough to combine different card readings for a unique experience.

Fortune telling

Besides tarot cards, you can also get your fortune told on Kasamba by actual fortune tellers. Find a range of mediums who use tools such as pendulums, crystal spheres and astrological charts to inform you if you are headed in the right direction. The site also offers three free minutes for new members who want to check out the service first before paying for it. However, you will have to provide your card details to avail that discount.

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#2. Psychic Source - Avail Services from Some of the Best Psychic Mediums in the Business


Psychic Source is one of the few online fortune telling portals that offers all three communication methods – video, chat and phone for its clients. So you can get a reading on the go no matter where you are provided you have your phone with you and internet. A face to face session is better if you want to get to know your psychic personally. You can choose either from types of readings of types of psychics and the choices aren’t overwhelming at all.

Some of the types of readings Psychic Source offers include the following:

Angel and tarot card reading

Almost all of the psychics on Psychic Source tell fortunes using cards such as from a tarot or angel deck. This includes both four and five-star professionals who can also give you a cartomancy reading while they are at it. It’s a category you won’t find in a number of other online psychic portals that use fortune teller ball.

Astrology readings

A number of psychic readers on the site also offer readings via the stars or astrology readings. Get answers to life’s tough questions regarding your love life, career and relationships in general. They can look up the position of the planets at the time of your birth for a reading or you can opt for a simple generic reading if you want.

Spiritual readings

A psychic’s natural abilities depend on their connection with the spiritual side. They can offer spiritual and even past life readings by tapping into your aura and by contacting the dead in some cases. There are only a few who can offer these readings though but you may find some on Psychic Source.

Love readings

If you are worried about your love life or existing marriage or are tired of living alone, a reading from a love fortune teller at Psychic Source is just what you need. They use several tools to divine whether you have love in your future, if your boyfriend will remain faithful, when you will get married and even how many babies you may have. You can filter love psychics as per the type of reading you are looking for as well.

Dream interpretation

If you have been plagued by nightmares or want to find out once and for all what the symbols in your dreams mean, a dream interpretation can help. Psychics on Psychic Source can analyze yours and tell you what they mean. In most cases, dreams are messages from your sub conscious trying which can include your innermost fears and desires. A psychic can tell a fortune based on them.

Numerology readings

Contrary to popular belief, numerology and astrology are not the same. Astrology takes the position of the stars and planets into account while numerology makes use of your date of birth, the number of letters in your name and other numerical information. Psychic Source fortune tellers can also use numerology to predict your future and tell you your weaknesses and strengths as well.

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#3. California Psychics - ind Your Soul Mate and Other Future Predictions About Your Life


With more than two decades providing online psychic readings and online fortune telling to clients, California Psychics has perfected the art of online fortune telling and card reading services. They offer a wide range of psychic services that can divine your future and offer a range of price rates so you can make an informed decision without going over budget.

Here are some of the main fortune telling services they offer:

Love readings

If you are clueless regarding love or relationships perhaps you need spiritual guidance from a psychic advisor or a fortune teller from California Psychics. This is where their love psychics and fortune teller free can prove invaluable. They can help you figure out where you are going wrong and where you can find love in all of the right places. A reading from a love psychic can also help you heal a broken a heart.

Financial readings

If you have been unlucky in matters involving money or need some investment advice, you can get a reading from a psychic for the answers. The pandemic has left scores of people bankrupt so this is a popular reading nowadays. The psychics who are proficient in financial matters and online fortune telling on the website can give you advice that can help you make better investments, and set stronger financial goals for yourself and your family.

Pet readings

Your fur babies are like your family and like loved ones, wouldn’t you want them to get a reading as well from California Psychics? Whether your cat has started to behave strangely or your dog is looking down in the dumps but is physically healthy, pet psychics can divine the issue. An online fortune teller free can also let you know what your animals think about you and what you can do to strengthen your bond with them.

Career advice

If you think your career is going nowhere or you want to make a difference in your life switching yours, a career reading from a fortune teller online at California Psychics can help. They can help you determine whether you should switch jobs, quit your existing one to start a food truck or become a stay at home parent to take care of the kids.

A career reading can also reveal what you are doing wrong and what you can do bring your life back on track. In other words, you can easily get a roadmap to success with a career reading.

Spiritual reading

Have you lost a loved one recently without warning to death’s cold embrace? None of us know how long we have on this planet. Telling the people in our lives that we love and care for them is the least we can do to make them feel valued. If you were unable to do that, a spiritual reading from a psychic at California Psychics is just what you need.

An online fortune teller free can connect you with your lost loved ones so you can finally tell them how much they mean to you. Mediums can help you talk with a deceased spouse, child, parent or sibling. You can also ask them to check on the whereabouts of missing loved ones or friends you haven’t seen in ages and want to reconnect with.

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#4. Purple Garden - Find Out Your Happily Ever After From A Fortune Telling Session


Purple Garden is considered to be one of the top tarot card reading and fortune telling sites via online fortune teller that you won’t waste your money on. They offer a range of psychic readings which we will get into. What is great about this site is that you can get a reading via a chat, video and calls. That way you can get a reading on the go and place your life back on track.

Here are some of the types of readings you can expect from Purple Garden psychics:

Astrology readings

Using your star sign, an online fortune teller can tell what lies ahead in your future and what you can do to make it better. Astrology readings also take the location of the planets at the time of your birth into account. Find out if the position of the moon and other relevant heavenly bodies presents any new opportunities for you and if today is the day you finally get your big break.

The reading based on the position of the stars at the time of your birth is known as a natal chart reading and it speaks to your natal promise. You can also get a year ahead reading so you can prepare yourself for the future or a business chart reading to determine whether a business plan will bear fruit or not.

Tarot readings

A tarot reading can reveal your past, present and also your future aspirations depending on the spread the reader will lay out. Each card has its own meaning as per the symbols it depicts and the meaning is only apparent to tarot fortune tellers.

For example, just because they draw the Death card doesn’t mean you or someone you know will die soon. It may be a sign that you need to shed your old self and create a new life where you can be completely yourself. The cards will reveal all to the online fortune teller.

Love and relationship readings

A love and relationship reading from a psychic or fortune teller from Purple Garden can ease some of the heartache you feel. They can help you connect with a soul mate, find out why it has never worked out with anyone, whether marriage is on the cards for you and even if you will have a baby down the line.

Most of these professional relationship readers also give valuable love advice that can help you find the love of your life or mend the rift between yourself and loved ones. They can even tell you if you should remain in your marriage or divorce is a better idea.

Dream analysis

A dream can be your sub conscious mind trying to tell you something that is vital for your future or even your mental health. If you remember them vividly or keep a dream journal, provide your account to a dream reader at Purple Garden. They can understand the images you see and will let you know what they mean.

Even nightmares may be a warning against something that you are unable to see at the moment. Your inner eye is clouded, but not the psychic’s. Tell the online fortune teller all of the gory details of your nightmares and trust that they can give a reading that can bring you closure.

Pet readings

Whether you are fortunate enough to still have your fur babies with you or are mourning their passing, a pet reading can reveal messages from both. A pet fortune teller online can let you know what your animals think about you, how they are feeling and even their emotions at any given time.

Career forecast

If you job is bringing you straight to a dead end in your career, it might be time to look elsewhere for a new one or change your career trajectory completely. A career reading from Purple Garden fortune tellers is just what you need to make this critical decision.

The psychics on the portal are proficient in giving finance and career forecasts that can set you up for a successful life later. They can also reveal whether you should make a particular career move or whether a promotion is in order. They can also tell you if you should have a long overdue talk with your boss regarding the raise he promised you but never delivered on.

Angel insights

Your guardian angel is protecting you but you can also get in touch with this being with angel insights from a Purple Garden psychic. The mediums can get in touch with these holy beings in ways that we cannot.

Angel insights from a fortune teller online can provide fascinating and life changing answers to critical questions you have in your mind. They can also deepen the bond you have with your guardian angel and other angels that are surrounding you. Get inspiring connections with your spirit guardians for a fulfilling life.

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Traditional Fortune Telling Techniques

The Hanged Man card depicts the story of the first 24 runes and archaeologists also found a slew of rune letters on stone, metal and wood across Scandinavia. During ancient times, these were carved onto weapons, branches, jewelry and even tombstones to ward off evil. The runes were also carved onto amulets. Each letter has a specific meaning and power and can be read via online fortune telling.

The art of fortune telling is as old as time itself. Back in the day, it was used to predict the harvest, chart a course for a newborn’s future and also predict battle outcomes during wars. It has changed across cultures, across time and has become accessible to the masses, not just the elite or the moneyed.

Some of the fortune telling techniques that were popular at the time include the following:


Believe it or not, in ancient times, a baby’s caul was used to predict his/her fortune. That’s the membrane that covers a newborn’s head and is quite rare. During that time, fortune tellers believed that it could be read and used to predict whether the child would have a happy or a tragic future.

In Poland, people believed that children born with this covering on their head would turn into vampires. To prevent that from happening, they would save the membrane and feed it to the child when he/she turned seen years old as an antidote. Sailors would also carry cauls with them when they went out to sea as talismans that they believed could save them from a watery grave.


This is the study of tea leaves or coffee grounds. This type of fortune telling is highly interpretative and is dependent mostly on the intuition of the fortune teller and their knowledge which is passed down to them through generations of their kind.

Here is how it works. The fortune teller first pours a cup of tea or coffee in a cup without using a strainer. The drink is then thrown away revealing the dregs at the bottom. These are dripped onto a saucer making patterns that stick to the cup. The patterns are studied or read by the fortune teller via traditional symbolism.

Most tealeaf readers use Turkish coffee since it has heavy grounds that stick to the bottom of a cup easily. At the end, the client is asked to open their heart i.e. to make an impression in the grounds with their thumb. It was believed that the mark revealed thoughts and emotions.


Even people who are new to fortune telling know what palmistry is or have had a session before. It’s also known as Chiromancy and involves the evaluation of the lines on a person’s hands. The lines on the dominant hand signify what we have done with our life and the ones on the non-dominant hand reveal what we were born with. The practice is still popular today in India, China, Tibet and Israel.

The palmist evaluates the life and character of their client by reading different lines. Each one has a meaning attached – the heart, life, fate, and head line. The size, shape and quality of these lines as well as intersections are taken into account during a reading. The palmist also checks the shape and size of the palm before giving a reading.

Face reading

The Chinese believe that the face is an open book and can reveal more about a person than they know about themselves. This is what the fortune telling practice of face reading is all about. A fortune teller who can do face readings can read every scar, wrinkle, and splotch on your skin and gain fascinating insights about your past and future.

This ancient practice dates back to ancient China during the reign of the Yellow Emperor. However, it is still used today by the Chinese and has found its way to the west as well.

Tarot reading

Tarot cards for fortune-telling may seem simple enough, but the meaning behind each one can be vast depending on the spread. It is quite popular among the youth and adults as well. The practice was popular with traveling Gypsies and relies on the power of the inner self. The pictures and symbols on the card reveal a story that gives the reader a glimpse of their client’s future.

Oracle reading

Oracle cards from online fortune teller free originated from the tarot, but they are not as well-known as the latter. Thai people call it ‘divination via image cards’ since oracle cards are used to stimulate the mind of the client. Most of these cards are used to improve healing, introduce a positive life force and to restore a peaceful state of mind. In other words, oracle cards uplift the spirit so the practice is ideal for anyone going through a hard time.

Ancient runes

Ancient rune reading is an ancient fortune telling practice that originated in Northern Europe and is prevalent in online fortune telling. The term came from the word ‘runar’ which means secret or whisper. The runes are apparently letters that the Nordic god Odin received from the ancient tree Yggdrasil after he hung from it for nine days and nights to gain all of the world’s wisdom.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions that most members of these 4 online portals usually ask as they use the service:

How Do I Formulate My Query to Ensure I Get the Most Accurate Answer?

Psychics are in high demand, especially the online variety so naturally, you may be excited before your first session. The first thing you need to do is keep calm. Even if you are extremely excited or agitated work on calming yourself down before an online reading to ensure it remains accurate. Also be as specific as possible. If you use general terms, you will get a general reading from a fortune teller online. If you want to focus on a specific time period, break them down into separate questions.

How So I Formulate Yes And No Questions?

These questions can be tricky, but they are doable. First, do not ask two questions simultaneously. For example, rather than saying "Should I call Janet or Beatrice?’, break it down into two questions: "Should I call Janice? " and "Should I call Beatrice? " The psychic or fortune teller will be able to answer both easily then.

How Do I Formulate a Query for a Love Match or Any Important Decision?

Easy. Just think about the person you are in love with and the words will come to you. For any other important decision, use the same strategy. Think of the situation you are worried about and form an either/or query for the fortune teller online.

Can I Ask the Same Questions Again?

Your psychic has the floor during a session, but that doesn’t mean you cannot repeat questions. But it will waste your time. If you are the forgetful sort, list down the questions on a piece of paper and go down them during the session. Just make sure they are not too generic. You will waste more time and your money.

Can I Ask Questions From Other People?

Yes you can, provided they do not violate their privacy. The session is for you, to do with as you will. You can ask questions for someone else who cannot afford a reading or is desperate for some answers. Just make sure you have enough time left over for your own queries.

Final Words

The spiritual realm is accessible only by those who have the ‘sight’ and are experienced enough to tap into heavenly energies that you cannot even feel. The online portals we discussed in our review are filled with such professionals or fortune teller online, but that doesn’t mean you can trust all of them.

So do your due diligence and go through the reviews on each site before you pay a psychic to predict your future for you. You will save money and time. Also make sure that you make the most of your time by creating a list of specific questions you want answers to. Some of the professionals on these sites are not cheap and have their own rates. It pays to be prepared in this case especially if you are on a budget.