Taking Action for You: Skin cancer awareness and Denis Phillips' personal story

I guess I have to thank Shay and Jamison for finding my skin cancer in its early stages. When I saw both of them were diagnosed, I figure it might be a good idea to get checked.
I had a little spot on my nose, but I would have never got it checked unless they convinced me to. Funny thing is, even my dermatologist looked at it, and said it "probably wasn't anything." Still, I decided to get it checked anyway.  
Good thing I did. It turned out to be basal cell. So, if you have ANY doubts, just do it.
I'm scheduled to have mine removed in early June. If I had waited or ignored it, the diagnosis wouldn't have been so good.
I won't lie to you, I'm a sun lover and there is NO way I'm going to live in Florida and not spend a ton of time on the beach and on the water. But having five kids reminds me, just keep the sunscreen with you. The sprays are so easy to use, and you don't have to re-apply every 20 minutes like you did when I was younger.
You don't have to avoid the sun. Just use sunscreen. It's that simple!
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